Every pupil is a member of a Pastoral Tutor Group. In Year 6, Key Stage 2 students are placed in Tutor Groups which contain pupils from a range of feeder schools. We always try and place children with someone from their previous school whenever we can.

At the beginning of Key Stage 3 pupils move up into a Year 7 tutor group and from Year 7 they move through into a Year 8 tutor group. As in Key Stage 2 each group has a Tutor who will remain with the Tutor Group for two years rather than one year. 

Pupils are also organised into Pastoral Areas. These are simply named as Year 6 area, Year 7 area and Year 8 area. Heads of Year provide extra support and guidance for pupils and staff in their care. Our current Heads of Year are:

Mr I Parker Ms T Clark Miss E Charlesworth
Head of Year 6 Head of Key Stage 3

Assistant Head of

Key Stage 3

Where parents are particularly concerned about their child, whether it is concerning work, health or other problems, they should not hesitate in contacting their child’s Tutor or Head of Year in order to discuss the problem. Tutors and Heads of Year will consult with other members of staff should the need arise. We would also encourage parents to communicate any information that will support their child in school including changes in personal circumstances, health or behaviour. This should always be communicated via the office in the first instance so that the relevant staff member can then be contacted.