Educational Visits & Activities

We are very proud of the wide variety of extra-curricular activities and visits on offer at our school. Whatever you are interested in, we encourage all pupils to get involved in as many different additional activities as possible. Whether you enjoy sport, the arts, technology or any of the other exciting things we have to offer – make sure you get involved. Doing this will help you to learn in many different ways as well as introducing you to new friends. For many people, it is by joining a school club that they develop interests and hobbies which then stay with them for life.

We have a very strong music department for those who already play an instrument. If you don’t already play an instrument, we have lots of opportunities for you to start. Make KMS the start of your musical adventure.

As a school, we believe strongly in the importance of educational visits and residential trips in developing independence, responsibility and trust in our pupils, helping them to develop into well-rounded individuals.

The school demands the highest standards from pupils who are taken on any trip, especially residential visits. In these cases pupils must be sensible, trustworthy and prepared to try to do their best at all times. When visits are over-subscribed priority is given to pupils who have shown that they have these qualities by their conduct and attitude as measured by grades for behaviour in class. In extreme cases involving sustained or serious misconduct, pupils who do not behave appropriately will not be allowed to apply or go on an educational visit. Full details are available on request to school.  Once selected, participation in the visit is dependent on continued good behaviour.


To enable parents to plan for future trips, the following is a list of trips we are currently running.  All trips have been undertaken over the last three years.

Prices do vary every year but, as a guide recent costs were as follow

Trip Time of Year Most Recent Cost
Year 6 Bushcraft May (Friday to Sunday) £180
Year 6 Theatre Trip Christmas £12
Year 7 Caythorpe Court Trip   £175
Year 7 French Trip March £510
Year 7 Ski Trip Easter Holidays £1206
Year 7 & 8 Cinema Trip Christmas £12
Year 8 Visit to Hadrian's Wall October (Tuesday to Friday) £190
Year 8 Ardeche Trip May (One week) £700
Year 8 Drayton Manor Trip July (One day) £20

Payments are made via ParentPay in whole or where requested by instalments. Any activity taking place wholly or mainly during normal teaching hours will be available to all pupils, subject to satisfactory conduct and attitude, regardless of their parents’ ability or willingness to help meet the cost. For us to continue to offer educational visits, or bring visitors into school, we do rely on the vast majority of parents making voluntary contributions. It is the policy of the school to subsidise pupils whose parents are financially unable to meet the full cost of such visits whenever possible. Parents are asked to apply in confidence to the Headteacher or Activity Organiser in cases of genuine hardship (e.g. families on Income Support). If a significant number of parents decline or are unable to make a contribution then we may have to reconsider the viability of the visit.