Here at Kirkburton Middle School we place great emphasis on the welfare of our pupils and families. Our pastoral team are available to pupils at any time throughout the school day to offer support and guidance.

Click here for our policies page, where you can find our mental health policy.

On this page you will find various support services that can help pupils, parents/carers, to understand and cope with situations concerning welfare, health and wellbeing.

Currently, Northorpe Hall are running a number of important, free, workshops on the following issues, click the text to be taken to the Northorpe Hall site :

  1. Workshops for children and young people (General Anxiety,How to Manage Worry, Understanding your Emotions)
  2. Workshops for parents/carers ( Introduction to Children & Young People’s Mental Health, Understanding and Supporting Anxiety,Introduction to Self-Harm,Maintaining Positive Emotional Well-being) 

Northorpe Hall Support

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Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people

Childline Service provided by the NSPCC for various information, support and advice for young people

YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of young people. Parents will find a wealth of information on their Parents Page, including details of a free and confidential helpline.

A-Z of Mental Health Mind provides advice and support to empower people experiencing a mental health problem. They have a fantastic A-Z of Mental Health and free, downloadable guides to many mental health issues, including a guide to seeking help which contains some useful advice on how to support someone else with their emotional and mental health

Teenage mental health charity.

NHS Choices This is a reliable source of information about anxiety disorders in children and teenagers.

AnxietyUK Contains a page specifically for Family, Friends and Carers.

MindShift™ will help you learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking, and identify active steps that will help you take charge of your anxiety. This app includes strategies to deal with everyday anxiety.

HopeAgain is the youth website of Cruse Bereavement Care, a national charity providing support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone close to them dies.

Mind’s Guide to Understanding Depression. Student Minds Offering advice for looking after your mental wellbeing

Beat is the UK’s leading eating disorders charity. Their website includes advice and support for people who are worried about someone.

Internet Safety thinkuknow. thinkuknow is an educational programme from the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP). Information, advice, resources and a reporting function are all available via their parents/carers page.

The National Self-Harm Network provides a 24/7, closely monitored online forum which aims to reduce the emotional stress and improve the quality of life for people who self-harm. The forum provides crisis-support, information, resources, advice, discussion and distraction.

LifeSIGNS is an online, user-led organisation providing information and support to people of all ages who are affected by self-harm, including guidance for family and friends.

Socrates Clinical Psychology specialise in child, adolescent and family psychological assessment and therapy.

Socrates Clinical Psychology (SCP) is an independent service run by experienced Clinical Psychologists Socrates Clinical Psychology is located in the Huddersfield area of Kirklees.

ESCAYP offer counselling & therapeutic play for children & young people aged 3-21 years.

Gaming or Gambling? Do you know about the gambling-like features in children’s online games?

Parent Zone and GambleAware have launched a new resource to help families and professionals learn about the gambling-like risks that eight to eleven-year-olds may face when playing online games.

“Gaming is an important, and fun, part of many families’ lives. But lots of parents, carers and professionals do not know about the gambling-like features that are in games – and the risks these might lead to.”

Vicki Shotbolt, Founder and CEO of Parent Zone

FREE Gaming or Gambling resource pack

The brand-new, Gaming or Gambling resource pack provides you with the information, films and practical advice that you need to be more confident and knowledgable about this emerging topic. Download your free pack now so that you can help children and families keep gaming safer and fun.

The Gaming or Gambling resource pack includes:

  • Two short films
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Top Tips
  • Glossary of key phrases
  • Quiz
  • Lesson plan and teacher notes

COVID-19 Emotional Wellbeing Support

Emotional Well-Being

During this time, many of us may be experiencing a range of emotions. To support young people with this, Young Minds have released this information:

As adults, it is also important for us to take care of ourselves. This website may be useful: 

You may also find information on the following website particularly useful. The Young Minds A-Z covers a wide-range of areas including anxiety, anger, gender identity, divorce, self-esteem and much more. It is available on our website or via the direct link below:

Please note there is also a Parent Contact section that includes a telephone number as well as contact form:  

Corona virus social stories

Elsa Support Corona stories

Helping children understand coronavirus’The%20Crisis%20Kit’

Adult wellbeing

Coronavirus, how to protect your mental health –