Our library is a focal point of the school. We stock over 4000 fiction and non-fiction books which are borrowed using the Junior Librarian system.  

The library provides a stimulating and social area with daily opportunities to use the library at lunchtime and during enrichment periods.

The library offers a comprehensive range of resources with a reference section and a variety of magazines, word-searches and puzzles.

Monitors play a vital role in the efficient running of our library. There is no job too small for our dedicated team who impart equal knowledge and enthusiasm to all tasks from bar-coding and issuing, right through to giving help and advice. These monitors work closely under the supervision of Mrs Haigh-Edwards to develop their leadership skills and to be part of the wider school community.

“I love being a monitor because I feel like I’m helping the school community.”

“Being a monitor is different and I enjoy the responsibility.”

Thank you:

All new ideas and suggestions are always welcome as we look to improve our school library.

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