Physical Education and sport at Kirkburton Middle School is outstanding.  We are an active and very successful school with an exceptional competition record (see Roll of Honour).  PE and sport play an important part in the life of Kirkburton Middle School and two one hour sessions per week are dedicated to physical education in the curriculum.  We believe that physical education and sport contribute to the holistic development of young people and through participation in physical education and sport they learn further about key skills such as teamwork, fair play and respect for themselves and others. These are key values of our whole school ethos.

When pupils in Year 6 were asked about what they had noticed about their first year of sport at Kirkburton Middle they said:

  • “I have enjoyed the inter-house football, netball, hockey and cricket”
  • “We are given a variety of sports to try which we haven’t tried before”
  • “There is lots more apparatus and equipment and we have learned many new skills”
  • “We have fun, are encouraged and there is lots of understanding and support”
  • “We are shown clearly how to improve our skills in a range of sports”
  • “There are lots of opportunities to take part in competitions / different events and to join different teams”
  • “We play at lots of different places”
  • “Sport is taken seriously at Kirkburton and there are lots of extra activities”
  • “My levels of sportsmanship have greatly improved since I came to Kirkburton”
  • “We have much more PE here in lesson time, at lunchtime and after school”

This Government Olympic Legacy Funding will enable Kirkburton Middle School to invest money in a way which creates a lasting impact and provides the best legacy for all pupils.  We aim to continue to promote a culture at Kirkburton Middle School which encourages all pupils to be active, enjoy and engage in sport and exercise for life; to maintain and further develop our high quality P.E.; to promote further opportunities for competitive sports; to strengthen links with local sports clubs in order to provide pupils with a wide choice of team and individual sports; and to work in collaborative partnership to increase the breadth of provision and participation in P.E. and sport, so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the highest performance levels of which they are capable.

In addition to the Olympic Legacy, we continue to use monies from the school budget to promote and sustain provision for PE and sport in the long term.

Sports Premium

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