Interim Careers Lead: Mr C Taylor

School Governor overseeing careers: Mrs M Barnard

The Careers Department at Kirkburton Middle School provides essential information, advice and guidance to pupils on a wide range of issues that help them build the skills they will need for working life and their future.

The world of work has undergone significant changes in recent years and continues to do so and it is therefore even more important that we equip our pupils with the necessary skills for them to make decisions about their future, to know how and where to access information and to link subject areas and qualifications with possible career choices.

We recognise that for our pupils the world of further education, higher education and the world of work is still a long way away. Our careers programme aims to showcase all of the pathways that are available to pupils once they leave school in a way that not only informs but one that also inspires. We believe this early exposure gives our pupils a head start in this vital and exciting curriculum area. 

In 2021 the school achieved the prestigious 'Quality in Careers Standard Award' for the high quality careers programme on offer.

We aim to offer:

  • A stable career programme
  • Learning from career and labour market information
  • Addressing the needs of each student
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Experiences of workplaces
  • Encounters with further and higher education
  • Personal guidance


Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG)

CIAG is available to all of our pupils in order to enable them to make informed decisions about their education and careers choices. An overview of the service that is offered at Kirkburton Middle School can be seen below.

Careers Resources

We have a small collection of careers resources in our School Library.

Elements of the careers curriculum are covered in most subject areas as well as in PSHE and during class time.

We have careers assemblies on Apprenticeships, LMI (labour market information) T levels, available routes, stereotyping and employability skills.

We have well-being and careers drop down events.  We also have weeks where all subjects start their lessons in reference to 'Careers in the Curriculum'.

Staff are encouraged to invite speakers into school to enhance the careers provision within their own subjects. We also hold a regular 'working lunch club' where pupils get the opportunity hear parents and members of our community talk about their careers and the world of work.

Careers Fairs and Events

Throughout their time in our school, pupils have have the opportunity to attend a range of careers fairs and events, both within and beyond the curriculum. Each year we take the whole of year 7 to the 'Getting up to speed with STEM' event; a live, annual one-day showcase event which aims to introduce, inform and inspire pupils about the world of work in Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing (STEM) sectors. All pupils are also invited to attend the annual careers fair at Shelley College. A variety of other careers events both locally and nationally, often online, are publicised by the school. 

Delivery & Content of Programmes

Pupils in all year groups receive Careers provision during pastoral sessions, tutorials, 'drop down' events and during PSHE lessons.

Careers Policy

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Careers Information

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Careers Information for Pupils

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Curriculum Content

In Year 6 pupils will:

  • Attend an assembly on Careers information
  • Attend an assembly on What is an Apprenticeship?
  • Attend assemblies on different industries
  • Complete Well Being in PSHE lessons
  • Complete Money Matters in drop down sessions
  • Careers in the curriculum in a variety of subjects

In Year 7 pupils will:

  • Complete Well Being in PSHE lessons
  • Attend an assembly on Careers information
  • Attend an assembly on What is an Apprenticeship?
  • Attend an assembly on different Industries
  • Attend an assembly on the Labour Market
  • Complete a Careers programme in Life lessons
  • Visit Magna for a STEM career exhibition 
  • Careers in the curriculum drop down - starters in lessons
  • Careers in the curriculum in a variety of subjects

In Year 8 pupils will:

  • Complete Well Being in PSHE lessons
  • Attend an assembly on Careers information
  • Attend an assembly on What is an Apprenticeship?
  • Attend an assembly on different Industries
  • Attend an assembly on the Labour Market
  • Attend an assembly on ‘options and Shelley College’
  • Complete a Careers programme in PSHE lessons
  • Careers in the curriculum drop down starters in lessons
  • University Visit – Huddersfield 
  • Work on Careers in the Curriculum in Design Technology and Science
  • Careers in the curriculum in a variety of subjects


Student Entitlement

  • Careers guidance from a suitably qualified professional
  • Be treated with respect
  • The opportunity to gain the skills that you need to prosper in your chosen career
  • Information about all the options open to you at 14, 16 and 18 years of age
  • Be referred for extra support if you need it and other agencies where appropriate


Further information

For further information on Careers Advice and Guidance, you can access free support from the National Careers Service online or by phone on 0800 100 900.


Useful Links for Pupils

BBC Bitesize


Amazing Apprenticeships

I Could

The Institute of Engineering & Technology

Career Alchemy

Inform All LMI Information


Useful Links for Parents

C&K Careers

Future Goals

T Levels Explained


Future Goals

Parent and carer Resources, developed through the Kirklees Careers Hub, are now live at Parents & Carers ( resources will support you to have informative career conversations with your children, helping ensure they have the skills, training and qualifications needed to meet the future needs of the economy. Designed with specific themes, the resources offer tools and guidance on:


•         Understanding qualifications

•         Learning how to identify different skillsets

•         Exploring opportunities in future jobs within Leeds City Region

•         Looking outside the box when considering employment opportunities.


Useful links for teachers

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Useful Information for Employers

Would you like to engage with the school and your potential clients and employees? Activities to get involved with are:

  • Deliver a spotlight or working lunch session – come and speak to our pupils about the career path you have taken to provide them information on specific career areas.
  • Offer a workplace visit – our Year 7 and 8 students really find visiting real places of work extremely valuable.
  • Join our Alumni network and find out about employer events and opportunities within school. 
  • Follow our school on social media, we will let you know about any upcoming events that you may want to be involved in.
  • Find out more about engaging with schools and consider signing up for ‘Give an hour’ (specifying Scissett and Kirkburton Middle School when you sign up) Employers (
  • If you are interested in working with our school please contact

For more information on how your business can get involved with schools:

If you would like to get involved and support the work that is being done at Kirkburton Middle School we would really like to hear from you.


Regional labour market summary

The creative and media sector continues to grow in the region, following Channel 4, Sky and other major organisations' arrival. 

The region has seen growth of its gaming, hair and make-up and creative hubs, such as the Barnsley's Digital Media Centre, which has recently grown by up to 100 jobs in its digital and creative hubs. 

The continued growth of the regions digital, legal and financial services sector has attracted a large Australian company to open new offices in Leeds creating hundreds of new jobs. 

There has also been further growth in the regions specialist science sector and the region's plans to be a leader in offshore wind technology continue to develop. The food sector is growing its range of new products, including plant-based foodstuffs. 

In construction, the picture is mixed with two of the region’s large companies, Clugston and Bardsley, going into administration. Companies with projects linked to new technologies are growing but other parts of construction more reliant on the public sector and infrastructure are struggling. The industry also has problems with skill shortages in some craft trades and in plant operations. 

The manufacturing sector is also experiencing a mixed picture with advanced manufacturing expanding but older style production struggling. Large retail companies are still experiencing problems on the High Street with many seeing Christmas sales down on previous years. 

More specialist consumer businesses such as Skopes and Mulberry and smaller, local specialist retailers are doing better.  


Advice for parents of pupils with SEND

Disability Rights UK has some excellent careers advice. Please click here.


Student finance advice for Muslim Parents

Under Sharia law paying interest is prohibited.

For any Muslim parents who would like information on university cost please see this website.


Wider Team

Enterprise Coordinator

Sharon Le Goff

The Enterprise Coordinator (EC) will sit at the heart of a local cluster system to help schools and colleges improve their careers and enterprise activities and to engage with the world of work.

Working closely with the Skills Lead, the EC will ensure the Enterprise Adviser Network (EAN) is embedded into the Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP) skills strategy and make it easier for employers and the self-employed to engage with schools and colleges. Through establishing the local and national contexts the EC will focus everyone’s efforts on programmes and activities that are most effective in motivating young people, supporting independent choice, and supporting positive outcomes for young people.

Enterprise Adviser

Anita Wilsher

Anita Wilsher is Managing Director of A.L.L. Recruitment Ltd, an established Wakefield based company which prides itself on connecting local businesses and staff in a friendly and efficient manner. With over 20 years experience within the recruitment industry, Anita’s business experience puts her in the ideal position to speak knowingly about the different elements that go into running a business such as products, service, sales, finance, marketing and leadership.